Everything You Need to Know About USB 4

The USB-IF organization recently published the new USB standards that will be in future devices in the near future. The new version is USB 4.0 that brings some improvements, although it has some flaws.


When Intel donated the characteristics of the Thunderbolt 3 a type C connection that uses the USB 3.0 protocol, being one of the fastest devices, since they are capable of loading up to and transferring information at a speed. With this protocol also comes the new USB 4 model.

Many people will wonder what advantages it brings, and at we explain what its differences are.

What Are the Advantages of USB 4?

The first advantage to highlight is speed. The new USB 4 is twice as fast as its predecessor, USB 3.2. This model would reach a transfer speed of 40 Gbps, it must be taken into account if there are devices that support these speeds.

The USB cables use two lanes to send and receive information, but the 4 USB use a single lane to transfer data. This would mean being able to use this type of cables in 8K monitors for example.

Also with this USB standard, we can connect several devices in the same port and thus adjust the resources transmitted by each of them.

Another point in favour is the load. Thanks to the new USB, it has the USB PD support, which will make the charge exceed 100 watts and, therefore, be faster to recharge the batteries.

And most importantly, USB 4 cables have a compatible connector for those who use the Type-C connector, although it may produce variations in the speed of both charging and data transmission.

What’s Wrong with it?

In technology, as in life, not everything is perfect. USB 4 also has flaws to consider.

The first cables will be fully seated in 2021. It should be borne in mind that, due to the coronavirus crisis, this may cause delays in the arrival of this product on the market.

Another disadvantage will be the price to create new systems that can support this type of connection. Until this standard is fully standardized, prices for these products will be high.

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