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How To Use Kanban To Become Insanely Productive

In Greek mythology, a chimaera was a fabulous animal, a hybrid of two or more real animals. Come on, something you couldn’t find just like that. But some chimaeras collected in ancient mythology are so spectacular that they wish they had been real. Going back to the present, in technology, there are also chimaeras, although in this case, they are real. As real as the smartphone, a hybrid of phone and computer. And is that the symbiosis between two or more technological solutions is very common.

kanban email outlook

This is what happens with Kanmail, an email client that organizes your messages following the premises of Kanban, a method of productivity and organization that companies and professionals around the world follow.

Productive email

In many articles, I have talked about how annoying email can be if it is not managed well. Messages accumulate and it is a waste of time to find useful information, remember meetings or appointments or know what tasks you had pending.

Luckily, online and offline mail managers have features that make it easy to classify email messages. Folders, labels, integrated search engine … Or proposals like Kanmail.

On the one hand, Kanmail works as a regular mail manager. It has the usual trays of messages received, sent, filed, drafts, trash and spam … In addition, it can manage two or more accounts simultaneously, organize your contacts, etc.

But where Kanmail stands out is that instead of displaying messages, as usual, it displays them in Kanban-style columns. Thus, in addition to viewing the emails received, you will see columns where the emails also do tasks pending or messages pending response.

As with any Kanban-based tool, you can move the messages as if they were cards and drop them in the corresponding column.

Kanmail is available for Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. As a mail manager, it allows you to work with any provider that offers IMAP or SMTP support. This includes such popular services as Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail or iCloud. You will find more information about Kanmail on their official GitHub page.

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