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Best Apps to Get More Instagram Followers in 2021

Instagram started timidly as a photographic platform, but today it has become one of the most popular social networks. Likes follow and followers, stories or hashtags are our daily bread. That is why more and more users are looking for an application to have followers on Instagram. Well, today in TuAppPara we explain in detail all the methods to gain followers on Instagram, both through apps and organically. Everything that works this 2021 so that your profile has more followers than ever.

 followers on Instagram

Our team has been in charge of bringing you safe and previously verified alternatives. The objective is that all your new followers are real and do not fall for false tricks, as we did in its day with the apps to gain followers on Tik Tok.

Best APP to gain followers on Instagram 2021

Do you want to have more followers on Instagram? Well, there are apps that can help you through different strategies and tricks. Some can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store, but most are in APK format. These are the most recommended:


Crowdfire is a social media manager that will teach you to manage your publications and the parameters to take into account. All this with the aim of reaching more audiences and thus increasing the chances of getting more followers on Instagram. In other words, the app helps you be more efficient.

Its interface is very intuitive and it comes with a lot of functionalities. Among other things, you will have the possibility to schedule the upload of your next photo (with the option to choose the best times), publish simultaneously on all your profiles, set the frequency of your publications or promote your brand or business.

Crowdfire is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android. Its Plus version allows you to link two accounts and schedule up to 100 publications.

Followers + Followers Analysis on Instagram

Among the apps to manage Instagram, Followers + is one of the ones that offer us the most possibilities. As its name suggests, its main mission is to analyze all the followers of your account. You will easily know who has blocked you, who has unfollowed you or who are your most loyal followers.

But this is not all, since it also serves to gain followers. You will have programming and optimization tools for your publications, graphs that analyze the performance of your account and different data with which to know the real engagement of your activity on the social network.

Of course, although the download of the app is free, most of the analytical tools are only offered in its Premium plan.

Preview: plan your publications well

Without a doubt, uploading quality content is synonymous with many followers on Instagram. And this is precisely what Preview is looking for. With it you will preview your publications and plan the strategy to follow in order to gain followers and have more interaction.


It is a kind of Instagram simulator since in its interface you can see what your feed will look like without entering the social network. The app has a wide variety of incredibly useful features: unlimited templates for creating collages, a tool to move and sort the posts on your profile, new filters for photos, a hashtag search engine, a post programmer… and much more!

Likewise, Preview is a multi-device software that has a desktop version for those who prefer to work from the computer. Of course, you can make backup copies of all the content uploaded in the app. Its download is free and has plans for teams and companies.

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